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Explore 24 cities with talent density spikes across key engineering specialisations.


Home to a third of Europe’s data centres and the birthplace of the Python programming language, Amsterdam has the largest pool of DevOps experts outside London and Paris.


As one of southern Europe’s burgeoning startup ecosystems, this ancient city is becoming a centre of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.


With 2,000 tech companies and 210 technology parks, Barcelona is a well-established home for startups and talent alike—and has the investment funding to match.


Germany’s capital in the heart of Europe is rich in culture and cutting-edge technology. With its international network and varied tech landscape, it’s a magnet for remote workers and startups.


Regarded as one of the UK’s most exciting creative hubs, Bristol is a magnet for self-employed talent, startups and large corporations.


With its relatively low cost of living, low taxes and high proportion of female tech talent, Romania’s capital is making a name for itself as an emerging tech hub.


Known as ‘Silicon Fen’, picturesque Cambridge has spawned six unicorns and is a hotbed for gifted talent thanks to its unrivalled pedigree in university education.


The “Silicon Valley of Europe”, Ireland’s laid-back capital is a hive of activity, attracting tech players big and small—lured in part by the country’s forgiving tax scheme.


Melding the old and the new, the Scottish capital’s cobbled alleys are a hub of tech talent with a wide range of skills.


Birthplace of Volvo, Sweden’s second-largest city grew from a maritime hub to a leader in transport innovation and attracts over a third of Sweden’s private R&D investment.


Helsinki has a long-standing tradition of design and technology innovation. With 1 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area, it is abuzz with talent.


In Poland’s second-largest city, the tech scene has grown and matured—Kraków is poised to become a tech powerhouse.


Portugal’s capital was named the number-one emerging source of engineering talent by startup founders and recruiters surveyed by Sequoia.


Europe’s super-skilled tech frontrunner is a magnet for culture, academia and finance—and some of the world’s most famous startups and unicorns.


Spain’s embrace of remote working, including the newly introduced digital nomad visa, has sparked a thriving tech scene in the country with a diversified workforce.


Home to several tech giants, this vibrant scene hosts young talent in systems and robotics, drones & autonomous vehicles. One startup even builds flying taxis.


Second only to London in the number of engineers in almost every category, Paris is also the home of Station F, the world’s largest startup campus.


Laid-back and with cheaper living costs than many other European cities, scenic Porto is a lure for experienced digital nomads as well as young talent.


Czechia’s picturesque capital attracts millions of tourists annually; but among its famous Gothic spires is a hub of hypermodern tech startups.


Sweden’s capital, built on an archipelago in the Baltic Sea, is famous for its 50 bridges, but its modern reputation is built on its dynamic tech-industry network and startups like Spotify.


Nestled in vineyards and forests, the “cradle of the automobile” is home to Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and mobility-minded engineers.


Skype, Wise and Bolt call the Estonian capital home, cementing the Baltic city’s reputation as a hotbed for innovation and young talent.


With its friendly regulatory and tax environment, Lithuania’s capital city is a magnet for startups, business hubs and accelerators.


The largest city in Switzerland, Zurich is a global centre for banking and finance—and an incubator for the tech talent these industries increasingly rely on.